Professional Accounting covers a wide array of services for small business owners or new startups and the benefits of using a professional accountant can be the difference between success and failure. ​We can manage all aspects of your accounting starting with a courtesy "break the ice" consultation.

Services include
Bookkeeping - Invoices, Bills, Payroll, & Training
Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliation

General Ledger Clean-Up and Management

Accounting Software Setup or Conversion
​Financial Statements & Analysis

Audit Preparation

A break down of transaction fees can be requested by email or provided during our "break the ice" consultation.

Professional Accounting

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Courtesy "Break the Ice" Consultation 

​We are always available to spend time with you so that you can understand how to interpret and use the financial information provided. These consultations are part of each service we provide and so are included in their cost. If you have any questions or concerns please call, text, or email us.


Accurate bookkeeping services, whether you do the bookkeeping yourself or have a bookkeeper do it for you, are essential to the success of your business. Our professional bookkeeper can manage your bookkeeping on a weekly schedule or provide training to your in-house bookkeeper as needed. Your bookkeeper should handle your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll but may also be responsible for other aspects of your general accounting. Our bookkeeping is charged with transaction based fees.

Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliation

​By reconciling your bank and credit accounts each month you can be assured that your accounts, accounting, taxes, and payments are all up-to-date and balanced and that your bookkeeping for the month is correct. This service allows you to discover and identify lost transactions including checks, deposits, credits, and electronic transactions. Detect and prevent unjustified bank or credit charges, embezzlement of company funds, and unauthorized transactions. ​ Keep accounts current so you can have peace of mind, be protected, and manage your business more efficiently. This service is done on a monthly schedule as each bank or credit statement is generated.

General Ledger Clean-Up and Management

The general ledger is the core of your financial records and these records are the central books of your business. The general ledger records every transaction that your business makes and a single problem will throw off all the books and reports. An inexperienced bookkeeper can make it very difficult to balance your accounts. A monthly review of the general ledger will allow us to find any discrepancies early and fix them for an accurate financial accounting of your business. If you have a discrepancy in your books do not wait until the years end to find the problem.

Accounting Software

​There are many ways to keep a general ledger; from a ledger book, an excel spreadsheet, a bookkeeping app, and accounting software. Accounting software covers all aspects of a businesses financial history and will save you time and money when it is time for account reconciliations, taxes, audits, etc. Many businesses would like to avoid the costs of expensive accounting software but do not realize that software comes in different price points with different features for different businesses. We take care of setting up or converting your software and any new software costs are included in our fees. 7 Reasons your Small Business Should Use Accounting Software

Financial Statements & Analysis

Financial statements provide a quick look into your businesses financial standing. An income statement is known as a statement of profit and loss, this statement totals all revenues and subtracts all expenses. This statement allows you to track your revenues and expenses, budgets, unexpected expenses, and track costs as a percentage of sales. The balance sheet is a quick look at the financial position of your business at any given time. This quick look allows you identify trends in your business processes, identify areas of improvements and opportunities for expansion, and determine immediate cash needs and prepare for future cash needs. These two reports are essential when filing taxes, seeking new credit and loans, and investment opportunities. The other reports used in a Financial Statement Analysis are the statement of cash flows and statement of changes in equity.

Audit Preparation

An audit is a process to verify your business' financial records and statements. By preparing for an audit not only will you assist the auditors but you will very likely discover areas to improve efficiency and reduce errors in your business records. Having your financial records and history up to date and readily available will help you in the case of an audit. With our clients we keep a record of all transactions with receipts, backed up on the accounting software, for the current year plus the previous 3 years. Being prepared for an audit is a sign of a financially healthy and efficient business.

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